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&Nbsp;   years the company has been adhering to the "quality first, sincere service, standardized management and healthy development" business purposes and "talent is the key to success, innovation is the source of development, networks, management is the basis of survival benefit assurance" business philosophy. 2012 we will in the future continue to carry out our service concept, we create a more convenient and inexpensive furniture products.
&Nbsp;   We back past, prospect better of future, company will continue to implement "to market for pilot, to products for core competitiveness, service and management both" of strategy, continues to insisted "integrity business, and quality excellent price low" of business approach, has been constantly innovation, and courage to enterprising, determined to for China of furniture career made more big of contribution, to excellent of products, and offers of price, and excellent of service to returns General new old customer, welcomes social from all walks of life friends came to chat cooperation , Common development and create a better future.
&Nbsp;   2012 the situation will be better than last year, from last year, even by the international financial crisis, suffered no small difficulty in the furniture industry. But in the central capital growth, expanding domestic demand and restructuring under the guidance of a range of policies, the joint efforts of the whole industry, especially the Office furniture industry to overcome the difficulties, a steady rise in production, started the industrial structure adjustment, economic efficiency improved markedly, further expanding domestic market. BACK
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