Interpretation of office furniture in the Office Feng Shui

&Nbsp;   1, ceiling fan: a ceiling fan hanging at home are hanging at home in a gossip, gossip is the rule, if a person is sitting or sleeping in below here is unbearable, would become very bad luck.
&Nbsp;   2, crystal chandeliers: hang a sharp crystal chandelier hanging inside the home, home is easy business in a car accident.
&Nbsp;   3, Hulu desktop desk: desktop is a rectangle or a square, irregular or gourd desk easy to affect the thinking of thoughts, and it's easy to make the villain.
&Nbsp;   4, water bed is bad for the body, sleep easily disturbed, in Feng Shui for pregnant woman lay in bed it is prone to the phenomenon of miscarriage, and a place to sleep are not secure and less likely to have elegant, is bad for business.
&Nbsp;   5, tilt bed: bed can lift up the lift bed is bad Feng Shui bed slept together every day, one fate, bed with a bed, and common, to be able to secure enough, the couple slept in the lift bed very easy pregnancy.
&Nbsp;   6, mother and son bed: bed and pull out bed in Feng Shui are unstable, sleeping on unstable beds will not be elegant, not developed.
&Nbsp;   7, bunk: bunk bed, and spread not only to be able to sit and look cramped, do things easily distracted, bottom bunk who is pressing beam, liable to abuse young girls peach. BACK
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