30,000 to buy a "mahogany furniture" Red Tan "hardwood" was made by

&Nbsp;   bought a mahogany table and chairs spent 30,000 people Zhang Chuanmin always considered themselves picking up a bargain. Never thought that a friend point out "mystery", he found that he was Merchant "Mongolia", and mahogany furniture of the so-called Red Tan "hardwood" was made by.
&Nbsp;   30,000 yuan to buy back "the finest mahogany" furniture
&Nbsp;   in late December last year, who lives in dongxihu wanke Zhang Chuanmin wujiashan Evergreen community of the public buy furniture furniture stores, one of the nominal mahogany, priced at 40,000 square table with four chairs, attracted the attention of Mr. Meticulous workmanship, carved, red wood look very thick, the key is the price he can afford.
&Nbsp;   Shopping Guide says, the mahogany table and chairs is the finest mahogany wood, due to the current store activities, 80 percent off just 32,000, but Mr Redwood on this furniture is not really, not too sure. Salesperson to see he has some doubts, initiative, said, this is definitely mahogany, and an authenticity certificate this is the furniture made of red sandalwood.
&Nbsp;   for the sake of safety, the concurrence of the Assistant's endorsement, he learned to use the Internet, made a scratch on the inside leg shaving, there was lighter, so buy with confidence. By bargaining with 30,000 yuan price buy.
&Nbsp;   turned out to be misled by the Assistant
&Nbsp;   during the new year's day, a friend of Zhang's House to play, after seeing this set of table and chairs, and points out that this is not true of mahogany, just a Tan to look like mahogany type wood. Quickly view the information, it was discovered that indeed no red mahogany wood Tan said, take a closer look at the invoices, written above is Red Tan, Assistant said was mahogany, Mr fooled then find business theory.
&Nbsp;   merchants argue that indicated on the invoice of sale is red sandalwood, rosewood furniture sells red, and the red and Tan is red wood, they do not cheat. In desperation, he complained to General road commerce.
&Nbsp;   and business personnel survey, head of the furniture distribution Gu Mansheng admits selling chairs and tables is not mahogany, but stressed that did not write on the invoice are mahogany, made of red sandalwood furniture is worth the price. As the salesperson says why is mahogany furniture, he replied that he was "Assistant just to understand the business."
&Nbsp;   and business personnel noted that advocacy non-mahogany manufactured to imitate mahogany furniture selling is the Act of misleading consumers. Mediation Manager Gu promised furniture do for Mr without touching loss of return processing.
&Nbsp;   put in small "hardwood" Pong "mahogany"
&Nbsp;   survey in the, business personnel found, some small and medium furniture factory for put "hardwood" near "mahogany", on to wood mess take name, what "Green Tan", and "Red Tan", and "African yellow pear", and "African rosewood" and so on, they and mahogany commodity name similar, some wood material and mahogany similar, consumers more easy into chaos cannot identified real mahogany. BACK
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