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&Nbsp;   in previous high partitions   screen   screen fashion furniture testing methods, always demanding costly thankless, vulnerability detects last is a bamboo basket-a field empty. At present, China's environmental protection quality test performed on wooden furniture is national indoor decorating and refurbishing materials-limit of harmful substances of wood furniture, requires only formaldehyde and heavy metals in the test project. Test methods of formaldehyde is drawn from a set of furniture a 0.075 square sheet, sample, saw them into 5cmx15cm of ten small samples are placed in the dryer, 24 hours after the release of formaldehyde concentration test. This is standard practice for concrete plates, rather than furniture made of processed products.
&Nbsp;   furniture Cabinet   Cabinet   cabinets and furniture in Shanghai, and there is essentially different from the test sample. First of all, furniture and finished furniture material, in terms of physical size and sample size is vastly different. For example, making an ordinary Desk takes approximately 3 meters above the plate, producing a bedroom Cabinet requires more than 10 square plates, even if it is needs a bedside table plate area of about 1.5 square meters. Difference in area between the dozens of times, to standard test results and does not objectively reflect the furniture the emission of harmful substances in the finished product.
&Nbsp;   It is understood that the fastest estimated that the new standards will be implemented by the end of this year. Implementation of the new national standards, will be able to better protect consumers and home safety. According to Zhu Changling introduction, new furniture test standards will be revised in three aspects reflect its advantage. First, the overall test results more reliable. Second, non-destructive testing, detection risk is low. Third, environmental protection furniture, more worthy of the name.

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