Chinese furniture in Mexico promising

&Nbsp;   according to the General Administration of customs data, by the end of 2010, Mexico set up 160 enterprises in China today, actually invested $ 86.65 million related to furniture, storage, real estate, metallurgical and other industries. China has accumulated in Mexico invested US $ 220 million, mainly related to furniture, TV production, copper tube manufacturing, textiles and clothing and agriculture development and other fields.
&Nbsp;   will take place in 2013, China after the Spring Festival in Mexico Cancun held "Mexico (Cancun) exhibition of Chinese products for many years" to marketing Center on the ground, the breakthrough of Chinese enterprises to open Latin American markets. Cancun is Mexico the famous tourist city, resident population of 660,000, receiving millions of visitors a year, consumption totalled more than 10 billion yuan.   Brand office furniture   office furniture company
&Nbsp;   Mexico and the Latin America region is the largest distributing center in China, Mexico Cancun longcheng project covers an area of 1.2 sq km, total floor area of 283,600 square metres, commercial and 127,000 square meters, 3,064 established shops, residential facilities of 100,000 square meters, supporting 40,000 square meters warehouse
&Nbsp;   Hao Feng, Chairman of China investment and trade promotion center in the Middle East is expected, Dragon Mart created 2 billion yuan of revenue each year, because of Chinese products in Mexico promising Mexico furniture fashion, Mexico one must come to the United States to buy furniture, prices than Mexico more expensive, while the United States most of the furniture was imported from China.
&Nbsp;   "Dubai now has more than 200,000 people, was worth 200,000 Chinese enterprises, is now tens of millions of worth, we hope Mexico Cancun can create more wealth wonder. "He said.
&Nbsp;   It is understood that year round exhibition of products for a total of 10 categories, including electronic appliances, household items, furniture, lamps and lighting, hardware, building materials, automobile and motorcycle parts and medical equipment and health care products, and so on. BACK
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