Furniture has become an important industry

&Nbsp;   today, China Office furniture industry has formed has large for leading, and small and medium enterprise for subject of pattern, production technology aspects large introduced international advanced processing equipment and process, has advanced of processing capacity and production conditions, while has huge of production, and management and marketing team and Shang downstream full of industry chain, and products varieties categories complete, Office furniture company circulation industry developed, professional market fast growth, Can basically meet the needs of national economic development and people's life as well as the demands of the international market, Office furniture has become an important industry.
&Nbsp;   Shanghai office furniture industry in China after reform and opening up 30 years especially in the past 20 years of rapid development, forming a huge production capacity, has some excess capacity, needs to be adjusted, but this is the development of high speed adjustment, are better adapted to market needs adjustment.
&Nbsp;   first, there must be scientific position. According to the domestic and international market demand, around themselves and the environment, in order to make a good position for future development. Famous brand Office Chair   Chair should seize the opportunity to become bigger and stronger, SMEs have characteristics suitable for large is large, and small scale, not blind investment and expansion.
&Nbsp;   second, we must energetically push forward independent innovation and accelerate the strategic adjustment of the structure, improve independent innovation ability is the breakthrough of scientific development. Innovative product design and development of multifunctional products, an increase of varieties, to meet a variety of needs. Adjustment of product structure, promoting industrial upgrading and enhance specialization and cooperation.   Mesh Chair   the new Office Chair  
&Nbsp;   third, raise the level of management. This time formally to optimize the internal structure, good time to change the management mode. To seize this moment from the soft part of improving our country's industrialization of furniture. Pay special attention to product quality, integrity management, establishing entrepreneurs ' social responsibilities.
&Nbsp;   the forth, seize the opportunity, going to look to improve, to have a more global view. Greater integration with the national furniture manufacturers retailers around the world, blaze a new road of Chinese furniture of globalization. BACK
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