Top ten aesthetic principles of furniture design

&Nbsp;   skills: ratio is rational, detailed, emotional, abstract. If you have no particular preference, you may as well use 1:0. 618 of the perfect bedroom space, this can be a very smart way. Such as this based on the '' principle of proportion and scale '' the construction yard. Walls, the aspect ratio of the window the Golden. Ladder scaffold is similar to long tables, some improved distance on the scale, make the scenery outside the window as if close to the lot.
&Nbsp;   Note: even if the entire home is in the same proportion, change is good, otherwise it will become too rigid.
&Nbsp;   2. stability and skills
&Nbsp;   points of principle:
&Nbsp;   stability and light is almost spiritual in Chinese portraiture, restrained, sense and sensibility inclusive orthodoxy formed the perfect lifestyle. With this mentality to decorate home, coincided with the Rococo style. Characterized by a lightweight, natural, simple, smooth, curve using its head of Rococo desk furniture, retro style is in fashion in recent years.
&Nbsp;   skills: stable overall, light is local. Using bright colors and delicate in the bedroom decoration, the pursuit of light and slender and beautiful. Yellow, green and gray color is the main color in the living room. Gray has always been stable and elegant feel, dilute the gray, dreary, while green and yellow with bright, all layout is to ultimately form a stable and lightweight perfect unity. Executive desk   glass table   Panel Executive desk   wood Executive desk
&Nbsp;   notes: home too much makes people feel depressed and boring; too light will make people feel frivolous, impulsive. Heavy combination of pay attention to color, shape and size distribution of furniture accessories coordinated, overall layout improvement and so on. BACK
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