Furniture knowledge

Furniture maintenance and precautions for use

&Nbsp;   * If the desktop is stained with dust with a soft brush to remove dust, then use a clean cloth wet after dry wipe. You should avoid using too hard or rough cloth and clean towels to wipe, so as not to damage the product surface.
&Nbsp;   * due to surface materials are made of natural wood furniture, so that different batches of product are some chromatic aberration, which is normal.
&Nbsp;   * avoid using oily furniture cleaner, oily detergents may have a bleaching chemical reactions on the surface, leading to expensive maintenance costs.
&Nbsp;   * If the product surface is stained with grease, use a generic detergent.
&Nbsp;   * for products to keep it fresh, do not place hot foods in desktop and coarse dish.
&Nbsp;   * vacuum at least once a week, paying particular attention to removing dust between the fabric structure.
&Nbsp;   * mat Flip swap should be flipped once a week, wearing the uniform distribution.
&Nbsp;   * If stained with dirt, clean cloth wet wipes available in order not to leave an imprint, it is best to stain peripheral. Velvet furniture is not wet, dry cleaning agents should be used.
&Nbsp;   * all cloth cover and liner should be dry cleaned, do not wash, prohibition of bleach.
&Nbsp;   * to avoid perspiration, water stains and dust sitting on the furniture, to guarantee the life of the furniture.
&Nbsp;   * If the loose threads, not an hand break, use scissors to cut neatly Ping.
&Nbsp;   * leather absorbs power, should pay attention to anti-pollution, high quality frosted leather with particular attention.
&Nbsp;   * once per week with a clean towel wrung after water and repeat several times dabbed.
&Nbsp;   * If there are stains on the leather with a clean wet sponge stick temperature detergent to wipe and let it dry naturally. Before use in an inconspicuous corner to try.
&Nbsp;   * where spilled drinks on the leather should immediately be sucked dry with a clean cloth or sponge and wet cloth to wipe and let it dry naturally, do not use the hair dryer to blow dry.
&Nbsp;   * If stained with grease and dry cloth to wipe the remaining dissipated by its nature, or detergent, do not scrub with water.
&Nbsp;   * If any holes are found, tattered overburning not to patch, please contact professional services.
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