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Mahogany office furniture investment to look professional

&Nbsp;   most recent red rosewood price over more than 40,000 yuan per ton, lowest in September or October of the previous year between raw material prices in the 27,000-28,000 yuan, and in 2007 had the highest up to 50,000-60,000 yuan. In recent years, Myanmar, Laos and other Southeast Asian mahogany origin increase the intensity control logging, maintenance, leading to sharp cuts in mahogany in the furniture market of raw materials.
&Nbsp;   looking forward to looking back, 2005-2007 period, rise the most ferocious mahogany office furniture, sold rosewood, mahogany is more up. In 1999 a rosewood dining table price obtained from the seven thousand or eight thousand, to 2005 sold for 1.2-13,000 yuan, 2006 year sells about 15,000 yuan, year to year price of about 18,000 yuan.
&Nbsp;   in addition, mahogany office furniture collection is increasingly more consumer group on the applicability and value of the link mahogany office furniture more attention, this will also boost the price trend is rising.
&Nbsp;   experts think large mahogany office furniture investment, repay the time of 3-5 years. It will need to buy Office furniture has a professional look, at present, mahogany office furniture scene of shoddy furniture on the market, so buyers should ask the experts, initially to learn the identity of mahogany office furniture authenticity to the acquisition.
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